I started working as a press photographer in my early twenties.  It was heady times with jobs that had me photographing such luminaries of the day including Queen Elizabeth; Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and many sports celebrities of the day.

I eventually decided to go back to school, attending college focusing on television and film production.

This led me to a 35 year career working with some of the world’s best broadcasters, including Discovery Channel, Channel 4 (UK), National Geographic and the History Channel.

My documentaries (and series work) often focused on “The Common Man”.  I was fortunate, also, to have quite a few adventures along the way, including producing a six-part documentary series on Mount Everest and traveling around the world producing “The World’s Most Dangerous Places.”

The best way to reach me is at davidmcilvride@gmail.com and via cell   250-717-6999.

David Mcilvride